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Open Enrollment Period is a yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. Open Enrollment for 2019 runs from November 1, 2018 to December 15, 2018. Outside the Open Enrollment Period, you generally can’t enroll in a health insurance plan unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. READ MORE >>

What is PEO? -  Can This Be the Solution for Our Health Insurance Crisis! By: Mark Herschlag    What is PEO?  PEO is an acronym for a Professional Employer Organization. As Trusted business partners for small and medium size businesses, PEO’s deliver cost-effective, outsourced services for health benefit administration. READ MORE >>

Health insurance is crucial to have. No one plans on getting sick or hurt but it happens and we need to be covered so we can avoid the burden of financial struggles from medical bills. Health insurance covers must expenses and offers several other important benefits. READ MORE >>

Building a business can be hard work but finding affordable and quality health insurance doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re the owner of a small business with multiple employees or self-employed, you can face challenges when it comes to finding and getting health insurance. READ MORE >>

The following New Jersey pharmacies can administer no-cost flu shots and other vaccines, including shingles, hepatitis A and B, pneumococcal and human papillomavirus1 (HPV). This service is provided through your medical benefit; therefore, you must have medical coverage through Horizon BCBSNJ. ACME READ MORE >>

It’s the beginning of the holiday season and with the holidays usually right alongside comes stress. Every year there’s a mixture of feelings from joy and happiness to anxiety and stress because of multiple variables like, financial costs for gifts, family coming to town and conflic... READ MORE >>

  Cosmo Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency serving surrounding communities in New Jersey. Cosmo keeps its promise to assure an efficient and creative approach to the services we offer. Each of our clients experience a personalized and long-term relationship with us. READ MORE >>

Are you sick and feeling crummy? The coughing, sneezing and headaches are already miserable enough. Are you making your cold worse? Here are some common mistakes that everyone does that can make your cold worse. 1. Pretend to not be sick: You can’t just ignore your cold. READ MORE >>

In celebration of Hanukkah here are some fun activities to do with the family. 1. Make your own Menorah: Create a hand-made menorah out of clay or use a kit and decorate it with paint and glitter. 2. Make an Edible Menorah: Bake one batch of brownies. Give each family member a long, rectangular brownie. READ MORE >>

Ocean County health officials released new information Wednesday on the measles outbreak that has continued to spread since the first case was confirmed a month ago.  There are now 18 confirmed cases of the measles, including 3 in 1 Passaic County household, that health official... READ MORE >>

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