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  Life insurance is a hard topic to talk about, but it does need to be addressed. It is a serious issue once someone starts depending on your income. Meaning, when you pass, will your loved ones be financially secure without you?  Having a life insurance policy will insure that your family does not have to worry about your finances. READ MORE >>

Relax! Open Enrollment is coming soon!   Today is National Relaxation Day! Take a load off, stretch out on the couch and practice some deep breathing. Maybe binge watch that series you’ve been meaning to watch? Whether your form of relaxation is taking a dip in a pool, taking in some rays, or eating some yummy food- today is the NATIONAL day to do that. READ MORE >>

5 signs that you should visit your dentist Certain symptoms should be a cause for concern and trigger you to schedule an appointment at the dentist. If you are currently managing a chronic condition like diabetes, oral symptoms can be a sign of something more serious. READ MORE >>

 The Open Enrollment window is right around the corner and its duration is shorter than ever. During this time, you can shop for individual health insurance plans for about 45 days from November 1, 2018 to December 15, 2018. READ MORE >>

Why the Social Security Act is Still Relevant Today Tens of millions of people have gained financial assistance through the Social Security Act. The Social Security Act was first created and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. READ MORE >>

Financial Awareness is crucial to day to day living. Money and finances are what runs the world. With their running-the-world abilities comes their connection to insurance. Between premiums, co-pays, and Rx-plans, insurance can get pricey. It is imperative to know your plan. READ MORE >>

Running and hiking aren’t something to worry about when it comes to life insurance costs. Activities that are considered thrilling may be something to worry about. Insurance companies find certain hobbies dangerous. If you partake in these actives, the insurance company may find you at higher risk to insure. READ MORE >>

We’ve used it to kindle our flames, to filter our water, and now to clean our faces: Its charcoal. The latest and greatest beauty trend that is sweeping not only the nation, but the world. Advertisements of people with gleaming white teeth bombard your social media pages as do pictures of their stunning and acne free faces. READ MORE >>

It’s easy to think, “Disability won’t happen to me.” You may consider yourself young, healthy and at the top of your game. While no one chooses disability, the facts speak to disability affecting even the most unlikely candidates. Consider these statistics: READ MORE >>

Do you have the protection you need to make sure your new life keeps heading in the right financial direction? Answer: You may have just graduated from college or recently taken steps towards independence by getting a full-time job and moving away from home. Either way, you are out on your own. READ MORE >>

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