Cosmo Insurance 10th Anniversary 



Cosmo Insurance Agency Celebrates 10 Years! What began as a business in a basement has since grown

into a larger entity with multiple offices. Our continued success comes from our clients, partners and staff.

A huge Thank You to all of you. You Are Cosmo! The Aha Moment is waiting for you! Come experience a

Universe of Solutions for YOU!



Common Questions Asked About Life Insurance



Is your family protect? Life insurance coverage is extremely important, especially when you have a family.

Life insurance can help loved one who not only will face grief but also may face unexpected financial

issues such as funeral cost. Protect your family!



Business Renewals - Health Insurance



Is it time to process your business renewals? This time a year, we process hundreds of group renewals and

we strive to make the process stress-free and easy. To prepare for your health insurance renewal here is a

list of documents we will request.


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